Davey, Velda and Storm

Davey and Velda Millard started their journey as managers of Cascade Meadows Camp in November of 2013. With over 20 years of camp experience between them, they manage the facility with expertise and a passion for camping. They also bring with them an excellent camp dog named Storm!

Davey red rock


“I knew the first summer I worked at a camp that this was what I was called to do.”

Davey’s main focus in camping has been recreation management, challenge course management, adventure program development and facility maintenance. When not at camp, Davey works as a zipline guide, rigger and climber for a tree service,  is a member of Chelan County Mountain Rescue Association and enjoys volunteering with the Washington Trails Association.



“I grew up in camping and always said that when I grew up I would never work or live at a camp. Funny how God chooses to use us…”

Velda grew up in a family deeply rooted in Christian camping. Her grandparents founded and managed a camp on a small island in the San Juan islands and her mother worked at a camp as an event coordinator – the same job Velda would later take on herself.

Velda’s main focus in camping has been, recreation management, program development, event planning and management and volunteer coordination. When not at camp, Velda works as a bookkeeper, likes to hike and climb, and loves to knit, sew and be crafty.


“…..Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel……….Food?…..Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel…….”Storm--2

Storm has become an excellent camp dog and enjoys the privilege of being the only dog allowed at camp. Her main objective at camp is to chase squirrels and love people. She also does an excellent job of keeping curious bears, cougars, coyotes and Sasquatch from hanging around the camp. She is a 3-year-old half golden retriever/half “we have no idea”. Storm may try to look tough by running at you and barking, but her whole back-end wagging along with her tail gives away the fact that she just wants some love!